Artistic digital sculpting

Artistic digital sculpting, 3D-modeling and texturing
for 3d-printing, CNC-milling and AR/VR

3D-Deisgn for production


3D modeling for jewelry: rings, pendants, sculptural plastic with preparation for 3D printing

Coins, medals

Creation of a design project of coins, 3D modeling of coins for minting, laser burning, making casting molds


Portrait modeling from photography, creation of 3D models of portrait bas-reliefs


3D modeling of souvenir products for further production of master models

Figures, figurines

Sculptural 3D modeling of figurines and figurines for casting, 3D printing, CNC milling.


Creation of 3D models of panel bas-reliefs for CNC milling machines and 3D printers


In nature, everything is wisely thought out and arranged, everyone must do his own thing, and in this wisdom is the highest justice of life




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Tony Wild
Managing Director
"Initiative designer, he understood the design very well and delivered on time as promised, our favorite designer here!"
Hall Read
"Communicative. Very accurate work. Adjusted any issues with the final design."
Quintin Angus
"he's very skilled at what he does and very confident, i would definitely work with him again for future projects"
Khalid S
Art Director


I usually charge from $ 300 for a 3D model, including taxes, but prices may vary depending on the task.

Each project is unique. The time will depend on the complexity of the work, the client’s budget, my availability, the quality and speed of client feedback, the number of revisions …

If you would like to ensure my full availability, I highly recommend contacting me a few weeks before the expiration date. I usually do not accept orders less than two weeks in advance, and if I do, my fees are usually higher.

I offer a design service and guarantee its full implementation. Edits are necessary to achieve this goal.

My modeling process is sequential, we will do the work in stages – technical task, conceptualization, sketch and final design – and we will make all the necessary edits, but when the edits at the stage are accepted, we will not be able to return to it again. If this happens, we will have to revise the budget.
My modeling process is informal, flexible and open to client participation:
  1. Tell me what problem needs to be solved, and then we can agree on the terms of cooperation.
  2. Submitting a 50% down payment.
  3. We collect all the information necessary to create a short project description.
  4. Conceptualization: we are working on the first sketches.
  5. Formalization: we are finalizing the sketches.
  6. Last payment.
  7. Uploading files.
STL, OBJ, PSD, AI, EPS … By agreement, any file formats can be available, including * .max and * .ztl.

Please note that the source files are not transferred and are not included in the cost of the project, but are clothed additionally.

Contact me if you need help determining the most appropriate format for your project.

Stages of work


Discussion of the project and creation of technical specifications

Cost calculation

We agree on the cost and conclude an agreement

Development process

Creation of 3D models according to technical specifications

Project Delivery

Deliveryon time and in accordance with the terms of reference.

Get in touch with me

Describe your tasks, and I will offer you options for implementation.
A variety of technologies will help you achieve your goals in the best possible way.